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PME August Newsletter
PME Newsletter
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Client Spotlight: National Park Service & The California Red-Legged Frog
The Park Service uses the miniDOT loggers to monitor oxygen to help maintain a number of delicate native ecosystems, including that of the near extinct California Red-Legged Frog. Learn how utilizing PME loggers can be instrumental in monitoring the environment.

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Featured News

Port of San Diego
Port of San Diego Partnership
To facilitate a potential partnership and water enhancements, PME will loan The Port a miniDOT oxygen/temperature logger so they can review our cutting edge technology and software, and we will provide various product solutions to the Port for review.
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Ayyeka Partnership
We are excited to announce a partnership with Ayyeka, an innovative company that offers end-to-end remote monitoring systems for applications such as wastewater, ground water, environmental, and water reservoir and tank monitoring. The partnership will provide various environmental and water municipality organizations with real-time temperature data direct to their computer.
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SCAMP Retiring
PME is committed to providing innovative and exceptional instrumentation. We direct our focus towards developing products that are forward thinking in technology and user functionality. With that in mind, after 30 years with SCAMP, PME will no longer offer the Self-Contained Autonomous Micro-Profiler.

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Upcoming Event: Oceans 2016
PME will be attending the

, 2016 show in September. It will be held in Monterey, CA. Our booth number is #35. And we are sharing the booth with Turner Designs.

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Oceans 2016 Event

Industry News

Cyclops Logger

Interesting Articles
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PME Cyclops-7 Logger: Data From Any Cyclops-7 Sensor
Gulf of Mexico ‘dead zone’ predicted to measure nearly 7,000 square miles this summer
Dead zones devour oceans’ oxygen

World Wildlife Federation: 
Clear water isn’t what ecologists want. Here’s why.



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