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Explore top headlines on the importance of water monitoring and environmental impacts.

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PME April 2019 Newsletter
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Comparing the miniDOT Logger to the Seabird

miniDOT Logger to the Seabird

Learn about the research and results of the different sensors’ measurements of temperature and dissolved oxygen.

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Chesapeake Bay
Chesapeake Bay Water Quality Improves
Recent results show that 42% of the bay is now meeting clean water standards. Experts say these are the best quality results since monitoring began in 1985.
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Earth Day
How to Protect the World’s Coral Reefs

Over 65% of the ocean’s coral reefs are in danger due to climate change, bacteria and coastal development. Learn how to preserve and protect coral reefs on Earth Day.

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Invest in Water Monitoring
Investment in Water Monitoring Increases
Some of the world’s wealthiest investors are helping to improve the quality of water. They are focused on testing new technologies and investing in public markets.
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The Importance of Water Monitoring
The Importance of Water Monitoring

Thousands of chemical compounds end up in our water. It is important to monitor water quality in order to make decisions about the environment and health.

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